Dec 18, 2007

Book Feature: UnBreak Your Health, by Alan Smith

Discover how to heal your body naturally using techniques developed since the ancient times, from acupuncture to zen body therapy to homeopathic medicine to traditional Chinese medicine, with Unbreak Your Health, a book by Alan E. Smith.

The book lists alternative medical concepts, processes and techniques for healing the body naturally and holistically. It also reviews healing devices invented to maximize wellness and prevent illnesses, such as cold laser, percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

It also covers other wide range of topics such as supplements, complementary and alternative therapies, applied kinesiology, aromatheray, floatation therapy, and Eastern techniques such as tai chi, yoga, and watsu.

Unbreak Your Health
by Alan E. Smith, first edition August 2007.
212 pages
List Price: $13.57 at

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